The Dark Web Report by Google is at present accessible to qualified users in India on mobile.

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By Nexus Gani

The Dark Web Report by Google is at present accessible to qualified users in India. "In March, the feature was introduced specifically for users of Google One in the United States."

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The feature "conducts searches across the dark web to identify any instances of user-related personal data leaks." Dark Web Reports Are Currently Sent to Google One Users in India"

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The dark web constitutes a concealed assortment of internet sites, exclusively accessible through specialized web browsers like Tor 

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Given its goal of hiding user identity and location, the dark web acts as a focal point for illegal activities carried out by cybercriminals and other bad actors, such as the trade of stolen personal information from people all over the world. 

"The idea that personal information like one's name and birth date could be circulating in the depths of the dark web is deeply unsettling.  

This data can be exploited for activities like identity theft and financial scams. With the Google Dark Web Report, you'll be alerted if your personal information surfaces on the dark web. This empowers you to proactively take steps and fortify yourself against potential fraud. 

By leveraging the Dark Web Report available through Google One membership, users can initiate scans to ascertain whether their personal details—such as name, date of birth, up to 10 email addresses, and 10 phone numbers—exist within the dark web domain 

. Furthermore, they have the option to set up live monitoring of the dark web, promptly receiving alerts regarding fresh discoveries, alongside suggested steps and advice.  

On the other hand, standard Google users can perform a one-time scan for a lone email address on the dark web, yet they are not eligible for continuous monitoring or ongoing discovery notifications." 

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