New Tesla Smartphone 9.2: Official Price, Release Date, Specs & More

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Welcome to our comprehensive coverage of the highly anticipated New Tesla Smartphone 9.2! In this article, we bring you all the essential details about this cutting-edge device, from the official price and release date to the most exciting specifications that will leave you amazed. As the leading experts in the tech industry, we strive to provide you with top-quality information to help you make informed decisions. So, let’s dive right in and explore the remarkable features of the New Tesla Smartphone 9.2.


Official Price and Release Date

The New Tesla Smartphone 9.2 is a game-changer, and you must be eager to know about its availability and cost. Tesla has announced that the official price of this revolutionary device will start at $799 for the base model, making it highly competitive in the market. As for the release date, The Tesla Smartphone 9.2 is expected to be released in early 2024. However, there is no official release date yet. Tesla is known for its secrecy, so it’s possible that the release date could be pushed back.


Design and Display Tesla Smartphone

Tesla has always been synonymous with innovation, and the New Tesla Smartphone 9.2 is no exception. The device boasts a sleek and sophisticated design that reflects Tesla’s commitment to aesthetics and functionality. It features a premium metal and glass construction, ensuring both durability and elegance.

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The smartphone sports a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display with a QHD+ resolution that guarantees stunning visuals and vibrant colors. The edge-to-edge display provides an immersive viewing experience, perfect for streaming your favorite content and playing graphics-intensive games.

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Performance and Power

When it comes to performance, the New Tesla Smartphone 9.2 raises the bar with its cutting-edge technology. Equipped with the latest Tesla A13 Bionic chip, the smartphone delivers lightning-fast processing speeds and impressive efficiency. Whether you’re multitasking or running demanding applications, this device will handle it all without breaking a sweat.


The integration of 6GB/8GB of RAM ensures smooth and seamless performance, making app-switching and multitasking a breeze. Additionally, the New Tesla Smartphone 9.2 comes with internal storage options ranging from 128GB to 512GB, providing ample space to store all your media files, applications, and more.

Camera Capabilities

Photography enthusiasts will be thrilled by the New Tesla Smartphone 9.2’s outstanding camera setup. The device features a triple-lens rear camera system, including a 48MP primary sensor, a 16MP ultra-wide lens, and an 8MP telephoto lens. This powerful combination allows you to capture stunning images with exceptional clarity and detail, even in challenging lighting conditions.

On the front, you’ll find a 32MP front-facing camera, perfect for capturing high-quality selfies and making video calls with friends and family. The smartphone also boasts advanced AI-powered features, including Night Mode, Portrait Mode, and Pro Mode, enabling you to unleash your creativity and capture professional-grade photos effortlessly.

Battery Life and Charging

Tesla understands the importance of reliable battery life, and the New Tesla Smartphone 9.2 doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. The device is equipped with a robust 4500mAh battery, ensuring that you stay connected and entertained throughout the day without worrying about frequent recharges.

Moreover, the smartphone supports fast charging technology, allowing you to quickly top up the battery when needed. With just a short charging session, you can get hours of usage, making it ideal for individuals with busy schedules.

Operating System and User Interface

The New Tesla Smartphone 9.2 runs on the latest version of Tesla OS, a highly optimized and user-friendly operating system designed to enhance your smartphone experience. The interface is intuitive and customizable, providing you with the freedom to personalize your device according to your preferences.

Additionally, Tesla OS comes with a plethora of exclusive features and optimizations that contribute to a smoother user experience. From enhanced security measures to improved app management, Tesla OS ensures that every aspect of the smartphone operates seamlessly.

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Connectivity and Additional Features

In terms of connectivity, the New Tesla Smartphone 9.2 supports a wide range of options to keep you connected with the world. It features 5G compatibility, allowing for blazing-fast download and upload speeds, making lagging internet a thing of the past.

Other connectivity options include Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, and a USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer. The device also retains the cherished 3.5mm headphone jack, catering to those who prefer wired audio solutions.

Furthermore, the smartphone comes with an array of additional features, such as an in-display fingerprint scanner, face recognition technology, and an IP68 water and dust resistance rating, ensuring that your device remains secure and protected in various environments.


The New Tesla Smartphone 9.2 is undoubtedly a remarkable device that combines cutting-edge technology, powerful performance, and stunning design. With its competitive pricing, top-of-the-line camera capabilities, and long-lasting battery life, this smartphone is set to take the industry by storm.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a photography lover, or simply seeking a reliable and feature-rich smartphone, the New Tesla Smartphone 9.2 has something exceptional to offer. Stay ahead in the world of innovation with Tesla’s latest creation and experience a new dimension of smartphone technology.



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